Agena Bioscience’s collection of Sample ID Panels, for use on the MassARRAY® System, provides a highly accurate, rapid method for identification and quantification, allowing you to reduce sample mix-up in your lab and ensure sample quality prior to running PCR-based assay methods or next gen sequencing.

Designed in a single highly multiplexed assay, each panel provides a cost-effective method for detecting potential sample issues and provides the ideal SNP coverage for accurate and comprehensive sample comparisons.

  • Built-in controls to readily quantify amplifiable copy number.
  • Automated software for rapid sample matching and quantification.
  • Suitable for analysis with cell line, tissue, blood, and library samples.
  • Select panels can be used for tumor-to-normal matching.

All Sample ID Panels are available in 96- and 384-well formats.

iPLEX® Pro Sample ID Panel

A set of 44 SNPs selected with 45-55% heterozygosity across six major HapMart populations, 3 markers for gender identification, and 5 markers for sample quantification, designed into a single multiplexed assay for rapid typing and ease of use. The iPLEX Pro Sample ID Panel is ideal for genomic DNA samples. View our product brochure

iPLEX Pro Exome ID Panel

A set of markers specifically selected for exome library and cytogenetic array coverage, the iPLEX Pro Exome ID Panel contains 44 SNPs, 3 markers for gender identification, and 5 copy number markers in a single multiplexed assay. The copy number markers span a 100-500 bp range to assess potential degradation resulting from sample preparation commonly seen in exome sequencing workflows. View our application note

Agena Bioscience’s sophisticated Typer software generates a series of reports to quickly analyze sample data and interpret relationships.

  • Rapidly identify unexpected mismatches within a sample set or experiment.
  • View the SNP profile, gender ID, and copy number for every sample run.
  • Compare samples against a database of historical runs.
  • Manage sample data and interpret relationships.