Genetic testing laboratories require fast, reliable methods for designing and deploying new tests. Agena Bioscience’s products and services provide practical solutions for targeted genetic analysis.

The MassARRAY® System – Flexible and Scalable

The highly versatile MassARRAY System by Agena Bioscience™ couples robust, multiplexed primer extension, PCR, and a highly sensitive mass readout.  Many cancers and inherited diseases are implicated by a handful of actionable mutations. The MassARRAY System meets the challenges of  clinical research needs, providing a practical method for targeted analysis.

Agena Bioscience’s technology enables  laboratories to:

  • Avoid the need to batch samples by using the MassARRAY System’s multiplexing capabilities.
  • Decrease hands-on time with automated post-amplification solutions.
  • Be confident in results with targeted identification of actionable mutations.
  • Get easily interpretable data without complex bioinformatics.

Custom Assays – Designed for Your Needs

Take advantage of the MassARRAY System’s flexibility by designing your own assays with the online Assay Design Suite.

Alternatively, leverage the expertise of Assays by Agena scientists for design consultation and assay development.

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