Agena Bioscience’s reagents sets, combined with our state-of-the-art assay design and data analysis software, support a variety of applications on the MassARRAY® System and allow you to customize assays for your individual needs.

All reagents sets are available in 96- and 384-well formats.

Genotyping, Somatic Mutation, and Quantitative Applications with iPLEX® Reagents

iPLEX reagents on the MassARRAY System are widely used for fine mapping and validation of large-scale genome discovery studies, as well as development of routine genetic tests for applications such as human sample identification and inherited disease profiling. iPLEX reagents allow for a multiplexing level of up to 40-plex, offering flexibility and a low cost per genotype.

Somatic Mutation Profiling
The exceptional sensitivity and resolution of iPLEX reagents and the MassARRAY System makes it possible detect mutation frequencies as low as 5% in the original tumor-derived template DNA.

Gene Expression Analysis
iPLEX reagents, combined with competitive PCR, enable a highly accurate, sensitive, and high-throughput method for QGE analysis. This method does not use chemiluminescence, fluorescence, or other secondary labeling approaches, making it cost-effective, in addition to enabling higher levels of multiplexing (up to 24-plex).

Ultrasensitive Somatic Mutation Profiling with UltraSEEK Reagents

The UltraSEEK chemistry on the MassARRAY System enables screening for low abundance somatic mutations in heterogeneous tumor and blood samples at less than 1% frequency, and as low as 0.1%.

DNA Methylation Analysis and Molecular Typing of Pathogens

Methylation Analysis
The EpiTYPER® application and the MassARRAY System detect down to 5% differences in methylation, and can interrogate tens to hundreds of CpGs in amplicons of up to 600 bp.

Pathogen Detection
The iSEQ® application and the MassARRAY System enable rapid, automated, and standardized sample processing for any haploid organism in comparison to at least one reference sequence. One or more target regions on multiple samples can be analyzed in a convenient, homogeneous assay format.