Agena Bioscience’s quantitative gene expression technology (QGE) offers an ideal method for sensitive, multiplexed profiling of a targeted set of gene transcripts. QGE employs iPLEX® chemistry—PCR amplification and single base extension—in the presence of gene-specific competitor sequences to aid in absolute quantification against a known standard.

Key applications include routine screening of gene signatures implicated in specific diseases or in cellular pathway analysis. Multiple genes can be designed into a single assay, enabling a highly adaptive method for diagnostic test development. QGE can also be used for validating microarray data across a broader dynamic range and sample set.

Sensitive, Multiplexed Analysis

  • Routine multiplexing with up to 20 transcripts per well.
  • Scalable dynamic range of detection from 3 copies to over 1 million copies.
  • Minimal starting material required (as little as 5 ng of cDNA).

Streamlined, Cost-Effective Workflow

Our online QGE design software makes it easy to design gene-specific assays, including PCR, extension, and competitor primers. The software finds the ideal primer site and sequences for each transcript so that the entire assay can be conducted under universal PCR cycling parameters. This significantly reduces time spent optimizing reaction conditions typically associated with real-time, fluorescent-based PCR. Data analysis software automatically generates a titration curve for absolute copy number quantification.

Custom Assay Design Services

In addition to designing your own QGE assays, you can take advantage of our custom assay design and sample processing services.