DNA-based identification of infectious disease agents provides a rapid tool for microbiological and epidemiological studies. The iSEQ® technology on the MassARRAY® System can be employed in various fields including clinical microbiology, epidemiological and surveillance monitoring, biodefense, agricultural and food science applications, forensics and basic clinical research.

iSEQ technology enables rapid identification of bacteria, viruses, and other haploid organisms by comparing multilocus sequence patterns against known reference data. iSEQ technology offers a versatile, comprehensive solution that provides high accuracy, reproducibility, rapid detection time, and low running costs.

iSEQ technology detects sequence variations in 450-500 base pair genomic regions to provide a distinct mass-based signature profile. These signature profiles can then be compared using a public database for rapid typing. Analyze one or more genomic regions on multiple samples in a convenient reaction format.

  • Ideal for rapidly identifying common strains or isolates.
  • Go from sample to data in less than a day.
  • Versatile, automated data analysis with the iSEQ software.
  • Compatible with a variety of reference sequences.

Reagent kits are available in 96- and 384-well formats.

Custom Assay Design Services

In addition to designing your own pathogen detection assays, you can take advantage of our custom assay design and sample processing services.