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Title Primary Author Journal Year
Genetic variants in the transcription regulatory region of MEGF10 are associated with autism in Chinese Han population Z Wu Sci Rep. 20177
36 h fasting of young men influences adipose tissue DNA methylation of LEP and ADIPOQ in a birth weight-dependent manner L Hjort Clin Epigenet. 2017
A case-control study of selenoprotein genes polymorphisms and autoimmune thyroid diseases in a Chinese population L Xiao BMC Med Genet.  2017
A case-control study of the association between polymorphisms in the fibrinogen alpha chain gene and schizophrenia W Rao Disease Markers 2017
A complex association between ABCA7 genotypes and blood lipid levels in Southern Chinese Han patients of sporadic Alzheimer’s disease H Li J Neurol Sci. 2017
A functional BRCA1 coding sequence genetic variant contributes to prognosis of triple-negative breast cancer, especially after radiotherapy M Shi Breast Cancer Res Treatment 2017
A functional SNP regulated by miR-196a-3p in the 3’UTR of FGF2 is associated with bone mineral density in the Chinese Population D-L Zhu Hum Mut. 2017
A functional variant in ST2 gene is associated with risk of hypertension via interfering MiR-202-3p F Wu J Cell Molec Med 2017
A Functional Variant of SMAD4 Enhances Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm and Dissection Risk through Promoting Smooth Muscle Cells Apoptosis and Proteoglycans Degradation Y Wang EBioMed 2017
A genetic risk score that includes common type 2 diabetes risk variants is associated with gestational diabetes VK Kawai Clin Endocrinol. 2017
A genetic variant in the placenta-derived MHC class I chain-related gene A increases the risk of preterm birth in a Chinese population J Song Hum Genet.  2017
A genetic variant near GATA3 implicated in inherited susceptibility and etiology of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) R Na Prostate 2017
A Genetic Variant of ASCT2 Hampers In Vitro RNA Splicing and Correlates with Human Longevity P D`Aquila Rejuvenation Res. 2017
A genome-wide association study identifies six novel risk loci for primary biliary cholangitis F Qiu Nature Comm 2017
A Genome-wide Association Study of Dupuytren Disease Reveals 17 Additional Variants Implicated in Fibrosis M Ng Am J Hum Genet 2017
A high resolution reference genetic map positioning 8.8K genes for the conifer white spruce: Structural genomics implications and correspondence with physical distance N Pavy Plant J 2017
A missense mutation in damage specific DNA binding protein 2 is a genetic risk factor for limbal squamous cell carcinoma in horses RR Bellone Int J Cancer 2017
A new locus regulating MICALL2 expression was identified for association with executive inhibition in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder L Yang Mol Psychiatry. 2017
A New Targeted CFTR Mutation Panel Based on Next-Generation Sequencing Technology M Lucarelli J Mol Diagnostics 2017
A Novel Variant with Positive Natural Selection Influenced Hb A2 Levels in Chinese Individuals with ?-Thalassemia S Yu Hemoglobin 2017
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