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MassARRAY® System Brochure 2 MB
Fast Ramping Thermal Cyclers Application Note 551 KB
iPLEX® Reagents Brochure 2 MB
China Ministry of Health KRAS Study Application Note 220 KB
UltraSEEK Reagents Brochure 2 MB
ccfDNA and CTC Detection Application Note 435 KB
LungCarta® Panel Flyer 876 KB
LungFUSION™ Panel Flyer 860 KB
OncoCarta Panel v1.0 Flyer 815 KB
OncoFOCUS Panel v3 Flyer 361 KB
Assays by Agena Services Flyer 697 KB
iPLEX® CYP2D6 Panel Flyer 883 KB
iPLEX® CYP2C9/VKORC1 Panel Flyer 170 KB
iPLEX® CYP2C19 Panel Flyer 756 KB
iPLEX® Pro Sample ID Panel Brochure 2 MB
Exome ID Panel Application Note 1 MB
EpiTYPER® Methylation Analysis Brochure 3 MB
Agricultural Genomics Brochure 3 MB
Hemo ID™ Donor Quick Screen (DQS) Panel Flyer 476 KB
iPLEX® Chemistry Application Note 1 MB
Cystic Fibrosis Brochure 281 KB
MassARRAY® Chip prep module Flyer 984 KB
Agena Bioscience Company Brochure 2 MB
OncoFOCUS Panel v3 Application Note 229 KB
Complementing NGS Flyer 804 KB
Oncology Solutions Brochure 2 MB
Pharmacogenetic Solutions Brochure 2 MB
Workflow Solutions Flyer 821 KB
Chemistries Overview Brochure 4 MB
Colon Cancer Panels Flyer 1 MB
Lung Cancer Panels Flyer 1024 KB
iPLEX® PGx Pro Panel Flyer 747 KB
iPLEX® PGx 74 Panel Flyer 714 KB