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Title Primary Author Journal Year
The 8q24 cancer risk variant rs6983267 shows long-range interaction with MYC in colorectal cancer. Pomerantz Nat Genet.  2009
The CHRNA5-HCRNA3-CHRNB4 Nicotinic Receptor Subunit Gene Cluster Affects Risk for Nicotine Dependence in African-Americans and in European-Americans Saccone Cancer Res 2009
The effect of smoking on MAOA promoter methylation in DNA prepared from lymphoblasts and whole blood Philibert Am. J. Med. Genet. 2009
The role of cell-free circulating DNA in the diagnosis and prognosis of prostate cancer Ellinger Urol Oncol 2009
The Type 1 Diabetes Genetics Consortium “Rapid Response” family-based candidate gene study: strategy, genes selection, and main outcome Julier Genes Immun.  2009
TLR9 polymorphisms in African populations: no association with severe malaria, but evidence of cis-variants acting on gene expression Campino Malar J 2009
TNF superfamily gene polymorphism as prognostic factor in early breast cancer Jung J Cancer Res Clin Oncol 2009
Utility of incorporating genetic variants for the early detection of prostate cancer. Nam Clin Cancer Res.  2009
Variant in the 3´region of the I?B? gene associated with insulin resistance in Hispanic Americans: The IRAS family study Miller Obesity (Silver Spring). 2009
VEGF gene haplotypes are associated with sarcoidosis. Pabst Chest 2009
Whole-genome linkage and association scan in primary, nonsyndromic vesicoureteric reflux Cordell JASN 2009
The ‘Pokemon’ (ZBTB7) Gene: No Evidence of Association with Sporadic Breast Cancer Salas A Clinical Medicine Insights: Oncology 2008
The protein tyrosine phosphatase N22 gene is associated with juvenile and adult idiopathic inflammatory myopathy independent of the HLA 8.1 haplotype in British Caucasian patients H Chinoy Arthritis Rheum.  2008
Showing: 3461–3473 of 3473