Advancing Tumor and Plasma Testing

Rapid identification of biomarkers for targeted therapy selection and resistance monitoring provides a practical application for lung and colon cancer testing. Despite understanding of etiology and treatment, there lies a gap between discovery and routine testing. Challenges range from sample availability and preparation, to analytical sensitivity and clinical validation.

As many as 20% of samples received cannot be analyzed due to insufficient quantity or poor quality. Tumor heterogeneity may result in missing a mutation, in particular for those samples with low tumor content. This leads to a delay in results or a request for additional specimen.

Labs and clinicians need to query new sample types including plasma. They need tools that are highly sensitive, accommodate variable sample input, and do not introduce technical artifacts along the way.

Agena Bioscience offers a practical approach, enabling multiplexed analysis of mutations of known significance with sensitivity as low as 0.1% allele frequency.

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