The agricultural community has led the way in adopting genetic screening for applied genomics— deploying tests to ensure increased crop production and improve animal/plant health. Continued use and broader adoption of genetic testing will come to fruition with the use of highly informative panels at a low cost per test.

The MassARRAY® System by Agena Bioscience enables large-scale testing of hundreds of specimens per day for tens to hundreds of SNPs, perfect for high sample volume applications with a minimum running cost. Simultaneously, flexible testing capabilities support informed decisions regarding increased yield production, enhanced disease resistance, greater feed efficiency, and improved nutrition, catering to an expanded test menu.

Specific agrigenomics applications of the MassARRAY System include:

  • Parentage verification for livestock breeding
  • Crop strain validation and marker-assisted selection
  • Candidate genetic marker evaluation
  • Quantitative trait locus detection
  • Companion animal breeding origin studies
  • Phenotype selection (coat color, horned/polled)

Agena Bioscience’s agrigenomics solutions enable you to:

  • Analyze hundreds to thousands of specimens per day.
  • Reduce your cost per sample, with as many as 60 SNPs in a single multiplex assay.
  • Achieve higher than 99% call rates on validated panels.

Agricultural Genomics Brochure