The MassARRAY® System, combined with iPLEX® chemistry, enables molecular biology labs to perform high quality assays for single nucleotide variations/polymorphisms (SNPs), insertions and deletions (indels), and copy number variation (CNV).

Versatile and Cost-Effective Genetic Analysis

  • A simple workflow takes you from sample to result in less than 8 hours.
  • Robust performance based on the inherent precision of mass spectrometry – ideal for validating NGS data.
  • Flexibility to analyze tens to thousands of samples and/or genotypes – up to 40 different SNPs can be interrogated in a single multiplex reaction (up to 10 SNPs for somatic mutation assays).
  • Highly scalable for laboratories with varying throughput needs – 96- and 384-well formats are available.
  • Easy to use online Assay Design Suite Software to design your own SNP, indel, or CNV assays.


  • Routine interrogation of any selection of germline variations.
  • Detection and quantification of somatic mutations in various cancer samples down to 0.1% allele frequency.
  • Validation of tens to thousands of SNPs identified through larger scale discovery studies from next generation sequencing or genome-wide association studies.
  • Ensuring statistical relevance for a newly discovered biomarker or other candidate of interest via high-throughput confirmation with larger sample numbers.
  • Developing an established set of assays for routine testing.

Download our iPLEX and iPLEX HS material to learn more.

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Additional Options

In addition to designing your own genotyping and somatic mutation assays, you can purchase one of our predesigned panels or take advantage of our custom assay design and sample processing services.