Precise and Cost-Effective Analysis

Agena Bioscience’s EpiTYPER® DNA methylation analysis technology allows you to interrogate tens to hundreds of CpGs in amplicons of up to 600 bp and detect down to 5% differences in methylation. The EpiTYPER software minimizes manual design and assay optimization, with no need to design CpG-specific primers. A streamlined workflow reduces experimental time and unwanted variability, allowing you to go from bisulfite-treated DNA to data in less than 8 hours.


  • Validate epigenomic-wide association studies across a larger number of samples to determine the predictive value of biomarkers for routine clinical diagnostic use.
  • Study aberrant methylation changes in tumor initiation and cancer progression.
  • Research differential methylation patterns in development.
  • Study heritable characteristics influenced by the environment of previous generations.

The EpiTYPER technology includes online assay design software, robust biochemistry steps, and precise detection of reaction products using highly quantitative mass spectrometry. Data analysis software provides numerical and graphical interpretation tools for qualitative and quantitative data analysis. Statistical analysis and confidence ratings are available for built-in quality control.

Download our EpiTYPER brochure for more information.

EpiTYPER Brochure

Custom Assay Design Services

In addition to designing your own methylation assays, you can take advantage of our custom assay design and sample processing services.