Rare mutations in circulating cell-free DNA may provide valuable information about disease status and treatment response for research use. The MassARRAY® System, powered by UltraSEEK chemistry, provides a highly sensitive and multiplexed method for detecting rare events.

With time-to-result in just a day, the MassARRAY System enables fast and cost-effective screening with a targeted set of mutations and/or orthogonal validation of next generation sequencing (NGS) and real-time PCR (RT-PCR) results, even with low frequency mutant alleles.

Detecting Low Frequency Mutations

Tumor heterogeneity presents a major obstacle to the detection of somatic mutations. With UltraSEEK chemistry by Agena Bioscience, your lab can design targeted panels to any genomic region with confidence that even low-level genetic determinants will be detected. You can perform noninvasive testing for early detection of metastasis, monitor therapeutic response, or study proliferation of a primary tumor to enable clinical research studies.

Confirming Borderline Test Results

UltraSEEK chemistry is a reliable and economical method for validating mutations of interest identified through NGS and RT-PCR to confirm or rule out borderline results. After whole-exome sequencing results are produced, targeted detection on the MassARRAY System is proven to confirm low threshold mutations with sensitivity as low as 0.1%.

How It Works

Our online Assay Design Suite software enables straightforward assay design to quickly generate panels for sequencing validation or patient-specific studies. UltraSEEK chemistry amplifies desired sequences and extends the mutant allele, which allows detection at a 0.1% level. Reporting software delivers results clearly and quickly, allowing for convenient data analysis.

UltraSEEK Reagents Brochure

Additional Options

In addition to designing your own ultrasensitive somatic mutation assays, you can purchase a predesigned panel or take advantage of our custom assay design and sample processing services.