Ready-Made Panels for Rapid Start Up

Agena Bioscience strives to offer the most valuable content as new genomic markers are identified and subsequent testing evolves. We have created a number of pre-designed and pre-validated panels for use on the MassARRAY® System that enable your laboratory to begin running samples as soon as possible. Each panel offers optimized multiplexing, targeted hot spot mutations, and advanced variant classification.

Cancer Panels

Agena Bioscience’s oncology panels provide a rapid and highly discriminatory tool to aid translational and clinical research studies. Our powerful UltraSEEK chemistry allows detection of low abundance somatic mutations, even in challenging or degraded sample types such as needle aspirates and formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue. Learn more

Pharmacogenetic Panels

Our family of PGx panels is widely used for the research and investigation of pharmacogenetic biomarkers. Learn more

Blood Typing Panel

The Hemo ID Donor Quick Screen (DQS) Panel interrogates a variety of markers commonly used for testing donor DNA samples to identify rare donors. Learn more

Sample Identification and Qualification Panels

The iPLEX Pro Sample ID Panel is an ideal research tool for qualifying samples prior to PCR-based assay methods on the MassARRAY System or next generation sequencing platforms. Also available is our Exome QC Panel, for use in exome sequencing and cytogenetic microarray workflows. Both panels contain more than 20 SNPs and 3 gender markers for sample identification, plus copy number assays to assess sample quality and degradation. Learn more

Custom Panels

Interested in creating your own panel? Use our online Assay Design Suite software to design your own assays, or let our experienced scientists at Assays by Agena help with custom assay designs or sample processing services.

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