Transforming Extended Molecular Blood Group Antigen Typing

Blood group antigen genotyping, an attractive and transformative alternative to classical serology, is gaining rapid acceptance in immunohematology laboratories. Agena Bioscience provides a comprehensive collection of ready-to-use genotyping assays for extended antigen typing of erythrocytes, platelets, and neutrophils.

Our technology involves multiplex end-point PCR and single base primer extension followed by precise detection and automated measurement with the MassARRAY® System. Hemo ID software converts assigned genotypes into predicted phenotypes and enables data visualization and custom report generation.

An Open Platform for Blood Group Typing

  • Flexible throughput – obtain predicted blood group antigen phenotypes from 5 to 3000 samples in less than 8 hours.
  • Comprehensive Rhesus genotyping – analyze complex rhesus genotypes and perform RHD zygosity analysis.
  • Open genotyping platform enables addition of new blood group variants with ease.

Improving Health Outcomes with Upfront Donor Qualification

  • Reduce the possibility of alloimmunization.
  • Identify serologically negative but genetically positive individuals.
  • Test large numbers of donor samples to identify samples negative for high incidence antigens, or those positive for low-incidence antigens.
  • Detect rare blood groups known to be of significance to transfusion.

Hemo ID DQS Panel

Interrogates a variety of markers commonly used for testing donor DNA samples to identify rare donors.
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Results Reporting

The Hemo ID analysis software provides automated genotype to phenotype conversion, and allows you to select from multiple predicted phenotype classification systems, including the latest ISBT designations. Data is presented in a variety of user-friendly reports in HTML format.

Navigate through a full example Hemo ID Panel Report produced from the analysis of a batch of 47 commercially available HapMap gDNA samples with the Hemo ID Panel.