Chimeric ID Panel and Software

The SNP-based Chimeric ID panel and automated results reporting reduces the time and money required to determine the composition of a DNA sample.

The Chimeric ID panel and results reporter for the MassARRAY system provides simplified chimerism testing. The panel consists of 92 independent SNPs with minor allele frequency between 0.45 and 0.55 across several HapMap populations. The results reporter automatically queries stored reference profiles and calculates the composition of post-transplant follow-up specimens in seconds. Results are provided in a convenient report.

Chimerism Testing Brochure

A More Efficient Chimerism Testing Method

  • Accurate Chimerism Determination
  • Automated Results Reporting
  • Automation Friendly Workflow

Chimerism Automated ResultsAutomated Results Calculation

Percent contribution from major and minor profiles is calculated in seconds and displayed in an easy-to-interpret samples report. This reduces the burden on specialized staff and frees up critical resources.


Chimerism Results Tracking

Historic Results Tracking

Monitor results over time. All previous results can be instantly displayed in a convenient report.



Chimerism Test Sample Login

Intuitive Sample Log-In

The intuitive log-in interface allows you to enter sample names and quickly identify them as post-transplant follow-up, pre-transplant profile, or control samples. A group ID automatically links follow-up samples to the appropriate profiles.