Reliable, Precise Detection

  • Detect SNPs, indel variations, and CNVs in a single assay.
  • Haplotype reports are rapidly generated from genotyping data with automated software tools.
  • 96- and 384-well formats offer the flexibility to generate results from 10s to 1000s of samples a day.

VeriDose® Core Panel

The VeriDose Core panel is a pre-designed assay that targets the most relevant variants in 20 principle genes implicated in drug metabolism pathways. It provides genotype information for 68 SNPs/INDELs across 20 genes, plus 5 CNV targets in CYP2D6. The panel is designed to be tolerant to low quality DNA, boosting the likelihood of success with challenging samples.

VeriDose® CYP2D6 CNV Panel

Provides accurate CYP2D6 gene copy number and detects common CYP2D6 hybrid alleles. Interrogates 7 regions of across the CYP2D6 gene. This panel can be combined with genotyping panels using the same workflow.


Obtain biologically-relevant data for most of the known haplotypes of each gene. Interrogates 38 SNPs in CYP2C9 and 11 SNPs in VKORC1.

iPLEX CYP2C19 Panel

Investigate and confirm pharmacogenetic biomarkers in CYP2C19. The panel contains assays for 31 SNPs, covering most of the known CYP2C19 haplotypes.

iPLEX CYP2D6 Panel

The CYP2D6 Panel is a set of 30 SNP and 5 CNV assays, covering most of the known CYP2D6 haplotypes.

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